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Totem - Basic Cam

Totem Basic Cams are based on the famous Alien design by David Waggoner of Colorado Custom Hardware* with slight changes (new flexible trigger wire system and rounded lobe edges).

Internal cam springs for narrow head width. Sheath trigger for maximum flexibility. Stainless 5/32" 7 x 19 wire stem for all Basic Cam sizes. 16 degrees cam angle, soft lobes with teeth for well trusted holding power. Lobes are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Double sheath on trigger. New rounded lobe edges giving more consistent rock contact on non parallel cracks and less flash material on lobe edges. The outer sheath layer has free rotation motion for improved abrasion resistance. New trigger wires system. Flexible and strong while maintaining a correct independent lobe motion.

CE certified and individually proof tested.

Cam Repairs can be undertaken by Totem.

Basic Cams
number colour Equivalent Alien (approx) range mm head width mm kN weight g
0.50 blue 3/8 blue 11.2 - 17.4 33 5 56
0.65 green 1/2 green 13.6 - 21.4 33 7 66
0.75 yellow 3/4 yellow 16.6 - 26.1 33 9 73
0.95 red 7/8 grey - 1 red 19.9 - 31.6 33 11 78


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0.50 Blue 0.65 Green 0.75 Yellow 0.95 Red
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*From Nuts' Story: Clockwork Friends by Stéphane Pennequin.

"A climber from Durango, (Colorado), convinced that the safest protection required a minimum of four cams, began to think about it. In 1986, David Waggoner* started Colorado Custom Hardware with the production of the Trigger Cams. Small squat camming devices with a stainless steel rigid stem, they owed their narrowness to an astuteness foreseeing the future creations of their designer: the springs that loaded the cams had merged between the two sides of the rigid frame. Later, David Waggoner invented the Cable Pro and created what he was to call "The Stainless Steel Control Sheath" on which he took a patent on the 11th August 1987. A sheath of plated steel thread allowed the device to operate whatever the bending of the flexible stem and to place and to retrieve the Cable Pro in the most awkward slots. The sheath also protected the main cable from abrasion. Yet David Waggoner's true stroke of genius was completed by inserting the springs within each of the cams, finally realizing the narrowest four cam unit in the world! He took out a patent on his latest invention on the 2nd of December 1988. A combination of these two brilliant ideas would later create the Alien, a sophisticated device in which it is difficult to recognize the primitive Trigger Cam."

*David Waggoner died in October 2009.

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